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  • In April, 2006 a company named Superior capital links was incorporated to cater for the investments of Superior Group in capital markets. It carries out trading in equities at Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges and gold at the National Commodity Exchange. It has a highly motivated team of experts which conduct research work based on technical as well as fundamental analyses of companies and bullion using strong analytical skills and a firm understanding of the capital and money market operations.
    This is done by using best available computer softwares.
    The strength of our research lies in our access to various national and international information networks.

    Online trading is carried out on daily basis through Karachi and Lahore terminals while short or mid-term investments are managed through employing the most modern trend following techniques.
    It also manages investments in various financial instruments such as Mutual Funds and Term Deposit Certificates.

    The investment in Bullion (gold) is done in physical form as well as through National Commodity Exchange.
    For that we make the analyses through charts and graphs and we keep ourselves up to date and well informed about the changing global economic scenario.
    Now the company is planning to expand its horizon by exploring off-shore financial markets in Middle East and Europe .

    In June,2009 the company has turned global by starting its Bullion(Gold) trading in Singapore through Singapore Mercantile Exchange in order to gain 24 hours trading excess to one of the world's largest trading hub.

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