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  • The group has made considerable investment in real estate sector both in residential and commercial properties. Our basic principle is to buy low and sell high. Besides investing it builds and develops the properties to make them attractive for other investors.

    There are many projects to its credit that the firm has managed to deliver.

    Besides building the main campus of Superior science college in 1997, the firm has built the girls campus in 2001 and purpose built campus of Superior grammar school in 2004.Now the total land area is 7 kanals with a covered area of 30,000 sq.ft.

    In year 2000, a contract was awarded to construct roads and sewerage lines of a housing scheme named Shah Mohammed colony that was finished well in time based on quality.

    At times we plan, construct, manage and sell to make profits as we did in the following case :
    • In 2004 the firm started the construction work on a project of marriage hall on the main Faisalabad road using all the modern techniques.( digging equipment and cranes).Total covered area was 10,000 sq.ft.on a land area of 3 kanals. The outcome was state of the art, marvelous architectural piece with a wide ceiling span of 100 ft. having a single row of pillars.
    • The firm managed the project for one year and made it feasible and attractive to any potential buyer to get handsome profits by selling it.
    • The firm looks after the properties and keeps in touch with various brokers to find attractive investment opportunities and gets its money out whenever finds a suitable and profitable chance.

    Right now the firm is involved in buying and selling of commercial and residential land only.
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