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    1. Attendance :

    2. Every bonafide student is expected to be regular and punctual. Students attending 75% of the total lectures delivered will be eligible to appear in the annual examination.
      Lectures / attendance are counted upto 31st March for H.S.S.c (Part-I & Part-II). Counting of lectures takes place from the date of completion of admission in the bulk. However, in supplementary cases, lectures are counted from the date of admission within the stipulated perior mentioned in the Board's Calendar.
      A student absenting himself from the class/institution without valid reason for six days in a month ceases to be a bonafide student. Absence fine per period is Rs. 20/- per day for absence from the institution/science practicals/tutorial group. The students whose names are struck off on account of long absence can be readmitted once on the payment of admission fee of Rs. 500/- after due recommendation of the reporting teacher.
      Absentees from any test given by the teacher or conducted by the institution are fined Rs. 50/- per subject.
      Students using unfair means in the examination are either heavily fined or expelled/rusticated from the institution keeping in view the magnitude of offence.
      In case of illness, medical certificate from the physician attending the applicant duly countersigned by the Medical Suprintendant of District/Tehsil Head Quarter Civil Hospital is acceptable, if it is submitted to the Principal during illness period.

    3. Payment of Dues :

    4. Dues are received on biannual basis i.e. at the time of admission and admission send-up. However the biannual condition can be relaxed on the demand of students/parents.

      Identity Card :
      Every student of the institution is issued an identity card which he is bound to carry at all times.
      The students without the identity card are not allowed to appear in the semester or any other test conducted by the Board of Examination. In case of pass or misplacing, a fresh card can be procured on the payment of Rs. 100/- as penalty alognwith an affidavit.

    5. Fee Concession :

    6. A limited number of fee concessions are available which can be offered to the deserving candidates. The eligibility for concession are available which can be offered to the deserving candidates. The eligibility for concession is determined by the financial position of the parents and academic performance of the applicant in the house test/public examination.

      General Rules Pertaining to Discipline :
      1. The institution imparts education imbibed with injunctions of Islam.
      2. Free mixing of male and female students at the campus is not allowed. Any lapse in this respect is dealt with severity.
      3. All sorts of political, Union and Sectarian activities are totally disallowed. Students found violating this restriction are dealt with on disciplinary grounds rendering them liable to heavy fine or explusion from the institution.
      4. Smoking and use of Narcotics is strictly banned in the campus.
      5. Admissions are withheld on the basis of poor academic performance in the pre-Board test and lecture shortage.
      6. However, 50% tution fee paid by such students at the time of admission is accounted for in the next financial/academic term.
      7. Private tution is discouraged. However special classes are arranged for academically weak students at the end of each semester/examination.
      8. Entry of undesirable elements and carrying of lethal arms into the campus is totally banned and cognizable.
      9. Visitors/Parents can see the students/ward only through the Principal or authorized officer. Direct meeting/liaison are strictly prohibited.
      10. Students without proper uniform are not allowed to attend classes or even enter the campus.
      11. The parent/guardians are supposed to keep constant liaison with the administration in connection with performance of their wards.


      FEMALE STUDENTS White Shalwar, White Shirt, Black Pompee, Gray Dopatta Black Coat or Black Cardigan

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